Experts explain why cats do not dislike drinking water from the toilet, but ignore water from a bowl

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Experts explain why cats do not dislike drinking water from the toilet, but ignore water from a bowl

Cats are known for their sometimes strange habits. One of them is the habit of drinking water from the tap or from the toilet.

Experts have identified the main reasons for this unusual habit. It turns out that animals are attracted to fresh, cold water that is always available in the toilet. Compared to the water in the bowl, which owners wash less often, the water in the toilet stays cool and clean due to the constant flushing.

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Can cats drink water from the toilet

Studies show that toilet water is generally not dangerous in most cases, as its bacterial composition includes fecal and other microorganisms. Nevertheless, some chemicals in toilet bowl cleaners can be toxic to animals.

Owners are advised to do everything possible to keep their pets out of the toilet, or if this is not possible, to avoid cleaning the toilet with chemicals and use baking soda and vinegar instead.

To protect their furry friends from possible dangers, owners can install stops that keep the toilet lid closed. It is also important to make sure that fresh drinking water is always available to the animals, especially during hot periods.

How to wean a cat from drinking from the toilet

The toilet should be closed. And keep the cat's water bowl away from the cat's food and litter box. Food is perceived by cats as a dead animal, and drinking near a dead animal is not a good idea. As for the litter box, your cat doesn't like to drink near its litter box.

The type of bowl can also influence your cat's decision to avoid it. Avoid narrow and deep cat water bowls.

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