How New Year's Eve is celebrated in other countries: 6 strange traditions

Kateryna Dutik

How New Year's Eve is celebrated in the world - unique New Year's traditions
How New Year's Eve is celebrated in other countries of the world

Perhaps you are used to raising glasses on New Year's Eve, making wishes, saying toasts, savoring different dishes and having fun? But some countries around the world have other traditions, and some of them are even shocking.

For example, in Ecuador they walk around the city with effigies of politicians and stars, and then burn them, and in Turkey they sprinkle salt on the threshold. This is reported by Best Life.

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1. Netherlands: Balls in butter

In the Netherlands there are strange traditions in relation to the New Year. Ancient Germanic tribes ate pieces of butter-fried dough during the holiday because when the Germanic goddess Perchta tried to cut open their stomachs and fill them with garbage (punishment for those who didn't get to partake in the Christmas cheer), the fat from the dough would stop her sword. Today, the same special dish, oliebollen, is eaten on New Year's Eve, and in winter it's hard to find a Dutch food vendor who doesn't sell these doughnut-like balls.

New Year's traditions for the New Year
A special dish for New Year's Eve in the Netherlands. Source: Shutterstock

2. Chile: Chilling in cemeteries

In Chile, New Year's Eve mass is not held in a church, but in a cemetery. This change of scenery allows people to sit with their deceased family members and involve them in New Year's Eve celebrations.

3. Ecuador: Burning effigies

In Ecuador, New Year's Eve celebrations are lit up (literally) with lights. At the center of each bonfire are effigies that most often represent politicians, pop culture icons, and other figures from the past year. These burnings of the "año viejo," or "old year" as they are called, are held at the end of each year to cleanse the world of all the bad things of the past 12 months and make room for the good things of the future.

New Year's Eve in Ecuador
How New Year's Eve is celebrated in Ecuador. Source: Shutterstock

4. Turkey: Sprinkling salt

In Turkey, on New Year's Eve, you should sprinkle salt on your doorstep as soon as the clock strikes midnight to attract good luck to your side. Like many other New Year's traditions around the world, this one is said to promote peace and prosperity during the new year.

New Year's Eve in Turkey
New Year's traditions in Turkey. Source: Shutterstock

5. Colombia: Put three potatoes under the bed

On the last night of the year, Colombians put three potatoes under the bed - peeled, unpeeled and half peeled. At midnight, they climb under the bed and grab the first potato they touch. Peeled means you will face financial problems in the coming year, unpeeled means you will have a year filled with prosperity and financial success, and half peeled means you are somewhere in the middle.

6. Canada: Fishing under the ice

Canadians are celebrating the New Year along with a popular pastime: ice fishing. Many companies you can pay for provide heated huts to keep everyone comfortable while on the ice. Some even provide equipment and instructions to get the catch.

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