The 5 most practical gifts for the New Year that everyone will appreciate

Kateryna Dutik

What to get for New Year's Eve 2024 - the most practical gifts for the holiday
The most practical gifts for the New Year

An expert from gifts told about the most practical gifts that everyone will appreciate. They can help a person to improve or make life easier.

Also, Leah(@leahsgiftguide) added that gift-demanding people are better off giving what they ask for. Either invite a formal gift list from them, give something they use regularly or something you are sure of.

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Gasoline canister

If the person has a car or a generator, you can gift a canister with the right fuel. But be careful when carrying it into the house.

Add a few car-centric accessories, like a seat organizer or some of their favorite travel snacks, and you have a complete gift set.

A small GPS tracker

There are so many GPS trackers on the market today and they can be used in so many different ways.

"If your recipient constantly leaves their wallet somewhere and then freaks out when they can't find it, or if they constantly forget where they parked their car, they need one," the expert told us.


A registrar is a type of product that someone might not buy for themselves. But if their motto is practicality, they will definitely appreciate it.

Smart outlets

Smart sockets connect to Wi-Fi, so you can control the flow of electricity to connected devices using your smartphone or a virtual assistant - and they have many practical applications, from controlling appliances from afar to reducing your home's electricity consumption.

This is the type of thing you may not know how much you need until you have it or are gifted it.

Gift Card

A gift card may seem boring, but there's nothing more practical than this if you don't want to give cash.

Add a few other items with the gift card to personalize it. For example, if you give a gift card to a cosmetics store, you can put it along with a nice soap, wash gel, etc.

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