What manicure color will suit your zodiac sign? You'll be surprised!

Anastasia Kryshchuk

What manicure color will suit your zodiac sign? You'll be surprised!

The zodiac sign harmonizes with our character and influences what colors we prefer. According to astrologers, women should choose the shade of manicure taking into account their date of birth.

This will not only better emphasize individuality, but also attract good luck in life. Read more!

People born under the sign of Aries are extremely energetic and are not afraid of bold life decisions. Therefore, the best nail color will be red, orange or yellow.

Taurus appreciate luxury and beauty. The best colors for them will be brown and green shades

Gemini love creativity, pastel nails are the best option for them.

Cancer appreciate tenderness and subtlety. They should choose blue, turquoise or silver shades of nail polish.

Leo, who like to be in the center of attention, are best suited to saturated colors - gold, purple, red.

Virgo prefers natural colors - beige and delicate shades of green will suit them.

Libras like balance best of all. Ideal nail colors for women of this zodiac sign are pink and purple.

Scorpios are very sensitive. The colors that are perfect for them are burgundy and dark purple.

Sagittarius women are full of energy. They prefer orange and yellow colors.

Capricorns appreciate seriousness and ambitiousness. Dark blue or black colors are best suited for them

Aquarians are eccentric. They should experiment with turquoise or silver.

Pisces have incredible intuition. They prefer delicate and pastel colors such as pink, purple or blue.

As UAportal previously reported, earlier astrologers named the colors of clothing that will attract good luck in life.

Also among all the natives of the zodiac circle there are two with a tough character - they easily accept challenges and achieve what others can only dream of.