How to protect your smartphone in cold temperatures: 5 tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to protect your smartphone in cold temperatures: 5 tips
How to protect your smartphone in winter. Source: itechua.com

Cold weather can significantly affect the performance of your smartphone, leading to issues such as rapid battery drain, device slowdowns and touchscreen problems. To ensure the longevity and functionality of your cell phone in winter, UAportal shared five important recommendations.

1. Timely charging

One of the consequences of low temperatures is accelerated battery drain. Unlike summer days, when a partially charged phone is enough for the whole day, in winter it is better to keep your phone fully charged all the time.

2- Keep your phone in your pocket

Carry your smartphone in the inside pocket of your jacket rather than the outside pocket. This way, you'll provide an extra layer of protection from low temperatures that can adversely affect your device.

3. Protective case

Use a sturdy case to protect your cell phone from the cold. It acts as a barrier to protect your device from freezing temperatures, thereby reducing the risk of rapid battery drain and slowing down your device.

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4- Avoid the cold

It is very important not to leave your smartphone in the cold in the car or on the street. Prolonged exposure to cold can damage the device.

5. Use background programs

When going outside in the winter, try running background programs that require more processing power, such as an internet browser with multiple tabs. This activity helps keep your smartphone engaged, increasing its chances of maintaining a higher temperature.

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