How to beat the heat: life hacks that will help avoid overheating

Maryna Gramovych

How to beat the heat: life hacks that will help avoid overheating
How not to overheat . Source: Pexels

UAportal shares valuable tips to help you survive the hot temperatures and make the heat more bearable. Whether at work, at home or out and about, these tips will help you feel comfortable.

Keeping the room cool

When it comes to escaping the heat indoors, even in the office, there are simple yet effective methods to help you stay cool and productive for longer.

1. Choose wet clothes. Before going outside, spray yourself with water from a spray bottle. As the moisture evaporates, your body will feel a cooling effect.

2. Cool your hands. Immerse your hands in cold water. This will help lower the overall body temperature and provide a feeling of refreshment.

3. Use a fan strategically. Place a fan near a window to draw in cool air from outside instead of circulating warm air in the room.

4. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Follow the Bedouin technique used in the deserts, where loose clothing encourages airflow and helps sweat evaporate faster.

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In addition, nutrition can play an interesting role in the fight against heat. Eating curry-flavored food can induce sweating, which helps remove excess heat from the body. Thus, spicy food can contribute to a decrease in body temperature, stimulating the loss of moisture.

What to avoid to prevent heatstroke from getting worse

1. Hot lights. Minimize the use of light bulbs as they emit extra heat and raise the temperature of the room.

2. Tight fabrics. Say no to heavy clothing materials that block air circulation, preventing your body's natural cooling process.

3. Ectrical appliances that emit heat. Keep in mind that appliances such as ovens, computers, and laptops emit heat and therefore contribute to an increase in indoor temperatures.

4. Heavy and fatty food. Opt for light food as heavy food slows down the digestion process and your body needs more energy to digest it.

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