Just one ingredient: What to soak fish in before frying so it won't be dry

Ihor Romanko

Why marinate fish in milk before frying

Fish is rarely marinated before frying as it is before baking, but there is an interesting method that may change the way you look at the process.

Try preparing fish with a pre-marinade, and you may want to use this method for frying in the future. What is interesting is that you will only need one product for this, writes prostoway.

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What is the secret abour? The best fried fish turns out best when it is pre-soaked in milk for an hour. This process helps retain the juiciness of the fish, preventing it from becoming dry during frying.

To use this method, first process the fish before cooking, cut it into portioned pieces, and then place it in the milk for an hour. After that, cook the fish in the standard way: by dipping it in flour, salting it, coating it with spices and frying it until cooked. Try this method and we wish you a delicious cooking!

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