In the USA, a family found a secret "murder room" in the house in which they lived for four years (video)

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In the USA, a family found a secret "murder room" in the house in which they lived for four years (video)
A secret room in the house

In the USA, a couple who lived in their house for four years unexpectedly discovered a secret room behind a bookcase. A recorded video about their discovery quickly spread on the Internet, provoking great interest among users.

A video posted by a TikTok user with the nickname Aurora Blazingstar shows her husband pushing away part of the wall, revealing a metal door and a small room. The couple never suspected the existence of this space, which turned out to be behind the bookcase.

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After opening, they observed "rust" stains on the floor and sliding plasterboard doors. These signs worried the owners, and they considered calling the police to investigate the room.

Although the couple considered several theories about the room's previous use, they decided to use it as a guest bedroom. However, comments by social media users about the possible crime raised new doubts.

Blazingstar noted that the video, which was posted in early March, became an instant hit, garnering more than 1.3 million views. Despite all the evidence provided in the room, some users continue to theorize about the past use of the space.

After the couple called the police to investigate the space, it turned out that the room was "nothing serious going on" and may have been used as a storage room by the home's previous owners.

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