Three secret ingredients that will make the broth a golden color

Kateryna Dutik

How to make golden broth - what to add to the broth to make it golden.
How to make a golden-colored broth.

Chefs told a few secrets of cooking broth with a golden color. To do this, you will need the ingredients already available in the kitchen.

Broth is the basis for soups, Asian dishes, noodles, so it should be tasty and flavorful. Its appearance is equally important. The most appetizing is exactly golden.

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A luxurious golden color can be achieved if you add some components that at first glance will seem unusual.

1. Turmeric. This spice is a natural coloring agent that will make the dish yellow or golden. It doesn't need to be used much so the flavor won't change.

2. Onion husks. As is known, eggs are dyed in the husk, and the decoction even strengthens the hair. In our case, it will help to get a golden color of broth, if you enter half a handful.

3. Vegetables. The broth will turn out not only beautiful on the outside, but also useful if you add a stalk of celery, peeled carrots and onions.

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