It will solve several problems at once: why throw tea bags in the toilet

Ihor Romanko

How to get rid of yellowness and unpleasant smell in the toilet
How to get rid of yellowness and unpleasant smell in the toilet

Who does not love the comfort and aroma that a cup of hot tea gives us? And if you add homemade pastries to this, the feeling of happiness and comfort becomes simply incredible!

But few people know that tea bags can be useful not only for brewing tea. They can be used to solve many household problems, RadioTrek writes.

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Here are 5 life hacks with tea bags that will make your life better:

1. Get rid of yellow plaque in the toilet

Just put the bags on the plaque, leave it for a few hours (or better for the whole night), and wipe it with a cloth in the morning. There will be no yellowness!

2. Clean the toilet

Tea bags have antibacterial properties, so they will help you clean the toilet of harmful microflora and unpleasant odors.

3. Scent the toilet

Tea with aromatic additives will not only clean the toilet but also fill the toilet with a pleasant smell.

4. Make eye patches

Brewed tea bags can be used as a compress for the eyes. It will help relieve fatigue, swelling and redness.

5. Polish furniture

Tea bags with black tea can be used to polish furniture. They will help remove dust, dirt and small scratches.

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