Why do cats yawn when their noses are rubbed: expert explanation

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Why do cats yawn when their noses are rubbed: expert explanation

Experts studying cat behavior have noticed an interesting pattern - if you touch a cat's nose, it will want to yawn. It turns out that rubbing the cat's nose stimulates the nerve that regulates emotions.

Experts from Askmycats explained that the stimulation causes relaxation and comfort, which leads to yawns, which in turn help to increase oxygen levels in the blood and brain, promoting relaxation.

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Studies show that when a cat's nose is rubbed, it causes stimulation of a nerve that plays a crucial role in regulating emotions. This nerve, located in the nasal cavity, is responsible for transmitting sensory information to the brain. And such stimulation can make cats feel relaxed and comfortable, which will lead to the next yawn.

"When a cat's nose is rubbed, it activates this nerve, triggering a cascade of signals to the emotional regulation center in the brain. As a result, the cat may experience a feeling of calm and contentment, which is often accompanied by a yawn. This physiological reaction gives cats the ability to gather more information about the environment and helps them explore the world around them," experts say.

It is noted that yawning in cats has a dual purpose. In addition to the connection with emotional regulation, yawning also helps to increase the level of oxygen in the blood and brain.

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By taking a deep breath while yawning, cats can replenish their oxygen stores and remove excess carbon dioxide. This influx of oxygen has a calming effect on their nervous system, promoting a state of relaxation.

Thus, yawning after rubbing the nose can be a way for cats to improve their overall well-being and create a calming atmosphere.

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