The main mistakes when brewing tea, due to which it turns out to be tasteless, are named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The main mistakes when brewing tea, due to which it turns out to be tasteless, are named
You spoil your favorite drink yourself. Source: freepik

In many homes, tea is considered the favorite drink of all family members. However, in order to feel the fullness of its taste and aroma, it is necessary to follow the correct brewing technique.

Knowing the common mistakes in the tea brewing process is key. The UAportal team together with Ukr.Media tells everything you need to know so as not to spoil the drink.

What are the main mistakes when brewing tea

The choice of brew is crucial for the taste of the tea. It is recommended to use large-leaved varieties of tea, although they require more time for brewing, but as a result, they give the drink a richer aroma and a deeper taste. High-quality tea contains young leaves or buds that provide an invigorating effect.

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The tightness of the packaging is also critically important: tea must be packed not only in cardboard, but also in foil or polyethylene to preserve freshness. The place of collection and the date of packing must be indicated on the package.

The amount of brewing also affects the quality of the tea. Not enough will make the drink pale and tasteless, while too much will make it bitter and too concentrated.

It is usually recommended to use 2 grams of tea per 200 ml of water, or one teaspoon per cup. However, do not forget to read the manufacturer's recommendations as well.

Brewing tea with boiling water is a common mistake, because high temperature does not always allow to fully reveal the taste and aroma of the drink.

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For black tea, the ideal water temperature is 90°C, while for green and white tea, it is between 60 and 80°C. For brewing herbal and berry teas, it is optimal to use water with a temperature of 70 to 90°C.

Brewing time is also important: black tea needs only 3-5 minutes, and green tea - about 3 minutes.

The selection of a container for brewing is no less important. Earthenware is ideal for this, as it takes on the aroma of the tea over time, making each subsequent cup even more aromatic and delicious.

We will remind you that earlier we wrote about tea, which is considered the most useful for health.

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