How to eat sushi properly: four tips from a Japanese chef

Maria Tsikhotska

How to eat sushi properly: four tips from a Japanese chef

Almost all of us have tried sushi at least once in our lives, but have we done it right? Nobu Matsuhisa, co-owner of Matsuhisa and Nobu restaurants, is considered one of the most influential Japanese chefs in the world. In interviews for various publications, he has repeatedly pointed out that most people around the world eat sushi incorrectly. He also gave some practical tips that will help you maximize your enjoyment of the taste of the Japanese dish.

About this writes Shuba.

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Start your meal with light types of sushi

Start your Japanese meal with lighter types of sushi and move on to options with fattier fish. Fatty fish is best tossed in towards the end. Matsuhisa recommends ending the meal with roles.

Don't mix soy sauce with wasabi

Dip the fish in soy sauce without rice and then add some wasabi on top. This is the traditional and, according to the chef, more flavorful way.

Limit the amount of soy sauce

When using rolls, limit the amount of soy sauce. Do not dip the entire roll on all sides. You should limit yourself to a small portion of sauce. Too much soy sauce can interfere with the real flavor of the dish.

Eat a whole piece of roll at a time

Eat the roll whole. Biting off a roll in pieces is considered a grave mistake, as each piece contains carefully selected ingredients that enhance each other's flavors.

Ginger for a break between types of sushi

Ginger is served to cleanse the taste buds between types of sushi. Eat a small slice of ginger before moving on to another type of sushi - it helps to break the taste sensations and enjoy the real flavor of another type of sushi.

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