What to do with a dying orchid to save it: simple tips

Ihor Romanko

How to save a drying orchid with ice

Orchids are flowers that immediately enchant with their beauty. But they are also capricious, damn it! It would seem that here it is, a beauty, growing in a pot, green and lush. But it doesn't want to bloom! What to do?

Florists say that sometimes orchids need stress. Of course, we are not talking about throwing it on the windowsill in the cold. But if you do everything right: water it, keep it away from pests, and the orchid only grows green but does not bloom - here is one interesting life hack from the prostoway website.

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Take ordinary ice, but not just water, but with fertilizer. Put a few cubes in the pot with the orchid. So, it will receive both moisture and nutrition at the same time. And, lo and behold, it will eventually release an arrow with the long-awaited flowers!

Remember that orchids are tropical plants that love warmth and lots of light. So keep them on the east or west windows, away from direct sunlight. And don't forget about watering: it's better to underfill than overfill.

Orchids also love to be talked to! So don't be shy, talk to your beauty, praise her, and she will definitely delight you with lush flowering!

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