What works better for hangovers: whether you can relieve withdrawal syndrome with alcohol

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What works better for hangovers: whether you can relieve withdrawal syndrome with alcohol
January 1 hangover

If you drink too much alcohol during New Year's Eve celebrations, you may wake up with a hangover on January 1.  This is a condition resulting from excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol, once in the body, breaks down into toxic substances that cause a number of unpleasant symptoms.

The stomach and liver, which are responsible for digesting and excreting alcohol, are most affected. The stomach can become irritated, causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The liver also works at full capacity to process the alcohol, which can lead to its damage.

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In addition, alcohol can cause inflammation in the body. The immune system reacts to alcohol as a foreign agent, which leads to the release of chemicals that cause headaches, fatigue and other symptoms.

How to avoid hangovers

The only way to avoid hangovers completely is to avoid drinking alcohol. But if a hangover has already occurred, you should know how to get rid of it and not damage your health.

Cure against hangover

Specialists advise to "treat" with water. "A big glass of water may be the easiest solution for a hangover. Alcohol dehydrates you by increasing the amount of urine your kidneys produce. You also lose fluid during sweating, vomiting or diarrhea after a night of drinking too much. And alcohol is a diuretic, which means it forces you to urinate a lot and lose a lot of fluid. Dehydration causes symptoms such as dry mouth and headaches," webmd experts noted.

It is noted that drinking water slows down the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol and keeps the total blood alcohol level low.

You also need to "lay out" to make the hangover disappear faster.

While resting, drink Korean pear juice. It helps to lower blood alcohol levels and reduces the intensity of the hangover. This juice contains a protein that inhibits inflammation that can occur due to excessive alcohol consumption.

You can also try ginseng. This root has been a feature of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Herbalists use a drink made from red ginseng and it reduces hangover symptoms.

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Getting rid of hangovers can be helped by carbohydrate-rich foods.

"Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels. This may explain the dizziness and shakiness that some people experience with a hangover. Your brain needs carbohydrates for fuel. Eat a couple slices of wheat toast or some whole-grain crackers to normalize your blood sugar levels. You'll also give yourself an energy boost," explain the experts.

Is it okay to get hungover

Experts point out that drinking alcohol does not help get rid of a morning hangover. It only slightly alleviates the symptoms for a short time. As a result, the concentration of alcohol in the body increases, and the duration of the hangover increases, so hangovers are not recommended.

"In addition, the habit of drinking a portion of alcohol as a remedy for a morning hangover can be detrimental to health in the long term and lead to cirrhosis of the liver. When additional alcohol enters the body, which is in a state of poisoning, the preconditions for the development of alcoholism are created," - experts added.

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