No need to spend money on bleach anymore: inexpensive means will help restore the whiteness of clothes

Anastasia Kryshchuk

No need to spend money on bleach anymore: inexpensive means will help restore the whiteness of clothes
Cheap means that will restore the whiteness of clothes. Source: freepik

Snow-white tablecloths, clothes and curtains often lose their original color. It can change to yellowish or gray, which makes them less attractive. Attempts to restore brightness with the help of store-bought bleaches sometimes do not bring the desired result, and then things usually end up gathering dust on the back of the cabinets.

However, there is a simple kitchen ingredient that can be added to laundry detergent to restore fabric cleanliness. This ingredient is able to give things a snow-white shade again, eliminating the need to use specialized store products, the Telegraph writes.

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How to wash white clothes without using bleach

To give freshness and whiteness to your fabrics, try adding table salt to regular washing powder. This natural ingredient will not only restore the brightness of the white color but also make the fibers softer and whiter. Use three tablespoons of this product for each wash. In addition, salt will help get rid of stubborn stains.

Dirty things should be soaked in a solution of 2-3 tablespoons of salt dissolved in warm water. After a few hours, transfer them to the washing machine, adding another tablespoon of salt to the usual powder. After washing, your clothes will be incredibly clean and white.

As an effective alternative to conventional bleaches, use hydrogen peroxide. Add one cup of this substance during the wash and the result will exceed all expectations, making your laundry radiant.

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