Expect an early cucumber harvest: instructions for successful seed germination

Maryna Gramovych

Growing cucumbers
Growing cucumbers. Source: pixabay

If you want to enjoy fresh cucumbers as early as May, UAportal has shared tips that will help you get a generous early harvest. By germinating cucumber seeds for transplanting into a greenhouse, you can bypass the natural growth cycle and be the first to taste this wonderful vegetable.

Choosing the right cucumber variety

Choose early-ripening varieties such as Platinum or Hector, as they are well suited for the seedling method of growing. Sow the seeds in small pots, such as empty egg cartons, to avoid the need for thinning, and to simplify the transplanting process.

Optimal conditions for seedlings

Use well-drained soil mixed with coarse sand to maintain a balanced water level. Alternatively, a coconut substrate with neutral acidity is ideal. Plant the seeds to a depth of 0.5 cm and make sure the soil remains moderately moist. Place the pots in a sunny spot and wait patiently for the sprouts to germinate, which usually takes place within a week.


After 4-5 weeks, when the seedlings are strong enough to be planted outdoors, transplant them into larger pots. This will allow them to develop additional roots, and get stronger before the final transplant. Remember that leaving seedlings in pots for a long time can negatively affect their health and future harvest, so it is very important to place them in a greenhouse or greenhouse on time.

Due to the unpredictability of spring weather, opting for a greenhouse or hotbed is a wise choice. This will guarantee additional protection from unfavorable conditions and optimal growth of your cucumbers.

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