Is your partner faithful to you or not? Numerology will tell you everything: it takes 5 minutes

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Is your partner faithful to you or not? Numerology will tell you everything: it takes 5 minutes

Numerology can indicate a person's tendency to cheat, according to star experts. According to them, you first need to calculate the numerological vibration of your partner by adding up all the numbers from the dates of birth.

If the result is ambiguous, you need to add it up again. For example, a person born on 1 March 1979 should have surgery: 1+3+1+9+7+9=30. Thus, the life cycle number is 3.

Life cycle: 1

This person is not an easy partner because they are very bossy and like to be in charge. They have a moody disposition and can cheat on their significant other under the influence of the moment.

Life cycle: 2

A Two is trusting and naive. They dream of great love and forgive too often. This person appreciates the warmth of a stable relationship and does not make decisions under the influence of the moment. If they love, it is forever.

Life cycle: 3

The numerological three is loyal but picky. No one really knows what these people want. It may turn out that the three will break off a long-term relationship in one day just to start a new romance.

Life cycle: 4

For the four, love is no joke. They are very calculating in their feelings, and in life they are guided more by their minds than their hearts. Unfortunately, it happens that a three decides to have an affair. In this case, she will be prudent and do everything to prevent her partner from finding out about it.

Life cycle: 5

The Five is very spontaneous, but she cannot talk about her feelings. In a relationship, she needs freedom, otherwise cheating is inevitable.

Is your partner faithful to you or not? Numerology will tell you everything: it takes 5 minutes

Life cycle: 6

For the numerological six, love is the whole world. Relationships and family come first for these people, and they will never commit adultery.

Life cycle: 7

Sevens don't like to get into permanent relationships. They often create distance with their partner to break ties. Such people decide to cheat if they get bored with the routine.

Life cycle: 8

There are no intermediate states for the eight - it can only be "all or nothing". She is very demanding and has great needs, but she will not cheat. If she feels unhappy, she will not hesitate to end a relationship to start a new one.

Life cycle: 9

This is a free bird who dreams of great love. In a relationship, it needs constant attention and adoration. Without this, it can resort to betrayal.

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