Learn the truth about your pets: 5 myths about cats

Maryna Gramovych

Learn the truth about your pets: 5 myths about cats

UAportal talks about the 5 most common myths about kitties and debunks the most common misconceptions about them. Learn the true nature of pets and find out how these myths have shaped the perception of them.

Cats are aloof creatures

Many people believe that cats are aloof and independent creatures that don't require attention and affection. In fact, cats are social animals that form strong bonds with their companions.

Cats do not need assistance with grooming

Cats tend to be meticulously groomed, they do need human assistance in grooming. Regular brushing helps prevent hairballs in cats.

In addition, some cats may require periodic bathing to keep their coats clean and odor-free. Therefore, it is very important that cat owners realize that cats need some help in grooming their coats.

Multiple lives

A well-known myth about the kitty is the idea that they have multiple lives. This misconception stems from their agility and ability to survive falls from heights.

However, cats are not invulnerable and are equally susceptible to accidents and injuries. It is important for cat owners to create a safe environment for their feline pets to avoid potential dangers.

Cats do not need veterinary care

A common misconception about cats is that they don't need regular veterinary care and can take care of their own health. However, like any other pet, cats need proper medical care to maintain good health.

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Regular visits to the veterinarian are necessary for preventive measures such as vaccinations, checkups and early detection of potential health problems. By prioritizing preventive exams and vaccinations, cat owners are contributing to a long and healthy life for their pet.

Cats always land on their feet

Among the most popular cat myths is the belief that they have the unmistakable ability to always land on their feet. While cats are known for their natural agility and ability to navigate through the air, they are still prone to serious injuries when they fall.

Cat owners should take care to make sure that the windows and balconies of their homes are safe and free of potential hazards. Although cats have excellent reflexes, it is important to realize that accidents can happen and proper precautions should be taken to keep them safe.

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