Three zodiac signs will have their long-awaited desires come true: horoscope for the weekend of June 24-25

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Three zodiac signs will have their long-awaited desires come true: horoscope for the weekend of June 24-25

UAportal has prepared a horoscope that plunges into the depths of personal growth for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius for June 24-25. Uncover the cosmic insights that determine the life path of these symbols.


Under the harmonious influence of Neptune in Libra, this weekend will bless Libra with an abundance of wish fulfillment. The heavenly energies will combine to awaken their deepest desires and pave the way for their dreams to come true. With each step, the Universe creates the conditions for the fulfillment of their sincere desires.

Libra's path to their desires is marked by a sense of serenity and tranquility, as if the cosmos itself is whispering words of encouragement to them. With unwavering determination and a clear vision of what they want, Libras will witness their desires come true right before their eyes. Trust in the cosmic forces, dear Libra, as they work tirelessly to fulfill your heart's desires.


Under the guidance of Pluto's transformative presence in Scorpio, this weekend will open up an unusual path to wish fulfillment for the mysterious Scorpio. In the depths of their souls, Scorpio has the power to make their dreams come true. The heavenly forces unite to awaken their hidden potential and give them the strength to overcome any obstacles along the way.

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By diving into their subconscious desires and using the power of their intuition, Scorpio opens the door to incredible opportunities. With unwavering determination and a firm belief in their abilities, they will see their desires take shape and come to fruition before their eyes. Embrace the transformative energy within you, dear Scorpio, and watch your deepest desires materialize.


With the Sun shining in Sagittarius, this weekend promises wish fulfillment for adventurous Sagittarians. Cosmic energies light the way and guide them to fulfill their most cherished desires. Sagittarians are encouraged to embrace their optimistic nature and believe through their dreams. As they embark on new endeavors and explore uncharted territories, the universe strives to fulfill any desires.

It is a time of expansion and growth when Sagittarius dreams coincide with actions and guide them to fulfillment. Open your heart to the cosmic possibilities, dear Sagittarius, and allow the Universe to fulfill any desires beyond your wildest imagination.

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