Pisces has many flaws, but this one poisons everyone's life: here's the deal

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Pisces has many flaws, but this one poisons everyone's life: here's the deal

Pisces is the most sensitive or even hypersensitive sign of the zodiac. Such people are creative personalities with many talents, which, unfortunately, not all are unable to appreciate. However, this is not their biggest flaw!

Pisces - sufferers, carrying on the cross all the problems and worries of this world. They have a rather low opinion of themselves, are unable to appreciate their advantages and strengths, but dwell heavily on their shortcomings. The natives of the sign are also quite jealous, because instead of focusing on themselves, they look at the successes of others, sinking into even greater sadness.

This is a big mistake, because Pisces has many talents, and their penchant for mysticism and secret knowledge is not of this world. Pisces is fascinated by magic, parapsychology, astrology, divination and everything that can not be explained rationally. Not without reason among Pisces many actors, writers, artists, musicians and vocalists.

Pisces are also very sociable, sensitive, loyal and tolerant. They are distinguished by their exceptional intuition and loyalty to loved ones. Unfortunately, in terms of balance, they also have a lot of flaws, and one of them can really be a nerd! Pisces can be selfish, unyielding and at the same time melancholic and prone to addictions. They don't handle their own emotions well and are quite unstable.

Pisces has a great need to feel safe, but they can't find it within themselves. This is of course due to their low self-esteem and extreme sensitivity. This makes them feel threatened and waiting for the next blow. Sometimes this works like a self-fulfilling prophecy, and Pisces does bring disappointment and unhappiness upon themselves.

Growing older, Pisces develop their own defense mechanisms that can irritate or even repel other people. Unfortunately, without them they can not live normally in society. Their envy literally poisons the lives of others.

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