Actions speak louder than words: the most determined women are named according to the zodiac sign

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Actions speak louder than words: the most determined women are named according to the zodiac sign

Some women are straightforward and decisive, and value actions over words. Some people honor them for these traits, while others criticize them. According to astrologers, we're talking about Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius.


A Taurus woman is confident and determined. She excels in teamwork and is sociable. Her biggest advantage is that she is not hesitant to ask for help. However, she becomes anxious when others perceive it as a weakness or incompetence.

This woman sets clear boundaries at work and in her personal life and does not allow anyone to stand in her way. She believes that everyone has the right to their own life, so she is not obligated to take others' opinions into account. Although she is respected at work for her assertive stance, her family considers her selfish.


A Leo woman is extremely charismatic and can persuade anyone to follow her ideas. She is not prone to arguments and usually behaves thoughtfully but becomes very angry when others do not want to listen to her. For her, this is a clear manifestation of disrespect and even contempt.

She doesn't care much about other people's opinions because she knows that everyone has their views. However, when she has something on her mind, she will not hide it. The most important thing for her is to be in harmony with herself.


An Aquarius woman does not like it when other people impose their opinions on her. She appreciates specifics and always makes informed decisions. Pointing out her mistakes or giving unsolicited advice is very painful. In her personal life, she values actions more than words.

Such a woman always behaves with integrity, and if she promises something, she keeps her word. In her opinion, the way we treat our loved ones is a characteristic of ourselves. No beautiful and pompous words can cover up evil deeds.

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