Hard-to-reach places during cleaning: where dirt accumulates the most

Maryna Gramovych

Hard-to-reach places during cleaning: where dirt accumulates the most

When cleaning your home, it is important to remember about often neglected hard-to-reach places that accumulate dirt and dust over time. These invisible places go unnoticed during cleaning. UAportal tells you about such areas and why you should pay attention to them.

Mezzanines and tops of cabinets

Mezzanines and cabinet surfaces, which are often located under the ceiling, can accumulate an impressive amount of dust. Even if you can't see them, dust particles that are constantly in the air tend to settle on these elevated surfaces.

Chandeliers and lamps

You'll be surprised how much brighter your room can look if you thoroughly wipe the glass shades of chandeliers and lamps. Removing layers of dirt and dust from these surfaces will not only improve the overall atmosphere but also ensure that the maximum amount of light is allowed to penetrate.

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Paintings and photo frames

Have you ever run your finger over a picture frame and noticed a gray mark? It's accumulated dust! Although it is not advisable to touch the delicate canvas, it is highly recommended to wipe the frame regularly. This will preserve its appearance and prevent the accumulation of unwanted dust.

Containers for storing toothbrushes

Given the humidity in the bathroom, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for germs. To protect your health, clean your toothbrush storage container regularly to ensure that it is free of harmful bacteria that could potentially be transferred to your toothbrush.

Washing machine maintenance

Yes, even our trusty appliances designed to be washed need regular cleaning. Start by wiping down the rubber rim to remove any residual powder or moisture. This step will not only make your washing machine cleaner but also extend its lifespan.

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