Three zodiac signs will set fashion trends: Horoscope for the end of October

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Horoscope for Scorpio, Leo, and Libra

UAportal has prepared a horoscope for Scorpio, Leo and Libra, known for their key role in shaping fashion trends. These zodiac signs will pave the way to new fashion horizons.


When it comes to setting new trends, Scorpios takes the lead. Known for pushing the boundaries, Scorpios flaunt daring looks that grab attention and express their unique personality. Their edgy and dramatic looks, as well as their keen sense of style, make them natural-born trendsetters in the fashion world.

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Leos fearlessly plunges into the world of fashion. With a penchant for drama, Leos leave no stone unturned in creating bright and colorful outfits that grab attention and make a strong statement. Leos often adorn glamorous and extravagant outfits, standing out and drawing attention to themselves wherever they go.


Exuding a sophisticated sense of fashion, Libras combine classic and trendy pieces with grace. Considering aesthetics, Libras strike the perfect balance, inspiring others with their impeccable style. Having an impeccable aesthetic sense, they demonstrate a great taste for timeless and classic things, flawlessly combining style and sophistication in their fashion choices.

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