Three zodiac signs will deepen their connection with nature: Horoscope for the end of October

Maryna Gramovych

Horoscope for Aquarius, Cancer, and Pisces

UAportal has prepared a horoscope to provide insights into specific zodiac signs - Aquarius, Cancer, and Pisces. Learn about the intriguing aspects of these signs that shape their relationship with the environment.


The independent and freedom-loving nature of Aquarius allows them to deeply appreciate the natural world. They find solace in activities such as hiking and stargazing, enjoying their deep connection to nature.

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Cancers are nurturing individuals who find solace in the serenity of nature. They gravitate to bodies of water, such as lakes or oceans, in search of emotional well-being. Gardens and parks are a haven for Cancers, allowing them to connect deeply with natural beauty.


Pisces has a strong connection to the natural world due to their intuitive and sensitive nature. They feel an innate sense of belonging to nature, finding comfort in the magical elements of the environment. For the Pisces sign, bodies of water hold a special place, offering a rejuvenating and restorative experience.

As reported by UAportal, earlier astrologers named the two most evil signs of the zodiac, which are capable of terrible revenge.

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