Three zodiac signs will take the path of an enlightenment: Horoscope for the end of October

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Three zodiac signs will take the path of  an enlightenment: Horoscope for the end of October

UAportal has prepared a horoscope in which we will look at the transformational paths of  a self-discovery and  a spiritual growth awaiting Cancer, Leo and Virgo. These signs have the potential for travelling the spiritual realms and truly understand the deeper teachings of the universe.


Cancers embody  a deep intuition and form deep emotional connections. Their transcendent ability to penetrate the spiritual realm allows them to discover hidden truths and make wise decisions.Cancers provide profound guidance and enlighten others on their path  because of their participative nature, .

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Leo utilizes their innate wisdom, radiating a powerful and charismatic energy which attracts others. They embark on a journey of  a growth by utilizing their strong gut. Leo's enlightenment not only enriches themselves, but also influences those who manage to share the path with them.


Virgo's analytical and detail-oriented nature drives them to seek knowledge and explore life's complexities. Their irrepressible curiosity paves the way for a  deep wisdom and  a sophisticated navigation of all aspects of an existence. Virgo's aspirations inspire others on their path to enlightenment.

As UAportal previously reported, earlier astrologers named the two most evil signs of the zodiac, which are capable of terrible revenge.

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