Three signs of the zodiac will undergo fateful changes: Horoscope for the week of August 21-27

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Let the energy of love into your life

UAportal has prepared a horoscope to give an idea of the personal life of Leo, Aquarius, and Pisces zodiac signs for the week of August 21-27. Find out what the stars have in store for these zodiac signs in terms of heart matters.


Leos are known for their passionate and charismatic nature. They have a strong desire for love and affection, and thrive in relationships where there is gratitude and admiration. Leos have natural leadership qualities and tend to take responsibility in partnerships, often assuming the role of protector and provider.

At this time, Leos may find themselves in the spotlight, attracting admiration. There is an opportunity for a confidence boost, which will make it easier to meet potential romantic partners. Remember to balance your pride with humility and make sure that mutual respect is the foundation of any romantic relationship.


Aquarius people are known for their independent and unconventional nature. They highly value their freedom and individuality and bring these qualities to their relationships. Aquarians are intellectual and analytical and look for the right partners. They fearlessly question societal norms and expectations, often offering a unique perspective in a relationship.

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This period will bring unusual or unexpected romantic encounters. Openness to new experiences can lead to interesting events. Open communication will play an important role. Express your feelings and intentions clearly, and listen carefully to your chosen one or potential partner.


Pisces people are known for their sensitivity and empathy. They are deeply romantic and idealistic, firmly believing in the existence of true love and soul mates. Pisces are selfless and caring partners who always put the needs of their loved one before their own.

This week you may find yourself becoming more sensitive to the emotions of others. Use your heightened intuition to get closer to the people you care about. There is potential for a romantic encounter that may seem life-changing or highly spiritual. Trust your feelings and instincts.

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