Three zodiac signs will experience increased intuition: October 23 horoscope

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Three zodiac signs will experience increased intuition: October 23 horoscope

UAportal horoscope for Aries, Scorpios and Aquarians for October 23. Learn about the depths of self-care, emotional experiences, chance encounters and spiritual transformations.


Aries may shift the focus of their attention toward peace, reflecting on inner well-being and prioritizing self-care. This day calls for introspection and mindfulness of your mind and body.

In terms of career, maintaining stability and focusing on current projects will bring favorable results. You should use this time to prioritize tasks and strengthen existing professional ties.


Scorpios can utilize their strong emotions and heightened intuition. It is important to trust your instincts and focus on developing meaningful connections while developing insight.

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Scorpios need to be prepared for unexpected encounters that could open up opportunities for personal growth. Welcoming new connections and encounters can enrich life in unpredictable ways.


Aquarians are presented with a great opportunity for their spiritual growth and exploring a deeper connection with themselves. It is recommended to engage in practices that resonate with your own purpose and seek meaningful connections with like-minded people.

Aquarians should nourish their spiritual side and utilize the day's potential for personal growth by discovering deep connections. Activities such as meditation and joyful experiences will lift them to a higher level of spiritual journey.

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