Three ways for reusing tea bags

Maryna Gramovych

How to reuse tea bags

After brewing tea, don't throw away used teabags right away. In this article, UAportal has prepared several creative ways to reuse tea bags. We will look at how you can enrich the soil of plants and restore the strength of tired eyes with these simple and practical techniques.


Tea leaves contain valuable nutrients that can enrich the soil and benefit plants. After brewing your tea, simply collect the used teabags and add them to your compost pile or bucket. Over time, the tea bags will decompose with the rest of the organic material, releasing beneficial nutrients into the soil.

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Relax tired eyes

After enjoying a cup of tea, squeeze out the excess liquid from the used tea bags and let them cool slightly in the refrigerator. When they are cool, place the bags on your closed eyelids and relax for 10-15 minutes. The natural antioxidants and tannins contained in the tea will help reduce puffiness and soothe your eyes, leaving them feeling fresh and awake.

Remove unpleasant odors from shoes

Tea bags can also be useful for removing bad odors from shoes. Let them dry completely and then put them in your shoes overnight. The tea bags will effectively absorb any unpleasant odors, and your shoes will smell fresh and clean in the morning. This simple trick is a great alternative to commercial sprays or chemical odor removers.

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