Top 5 colors that are visually outdated: What clothes you shouldn't wear

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Clothing colors
Clothes, what colors are becoming obsolete. Source: www.pexels.com

Colors have the powerful power to transform the way we see the world around us. Some of them have a unique ability to affect the perception of a person's age. Together with UAportal find out what colors can age clothes.


Black is considered one of the main colors that can age you. It can create harsh shadows on the face, exaggerating fine lines and wrinkles. Also, as you age, your natural skin tone becomes lighter and wearing all black can discolor your complexion, making it look more tired.

Dark blue

Dark blue is another color that can age you. Although it is a classic color, it can add dullness to your skin and make it look less vibrant, especially as you age and your natural body color becomes lighter.

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Dark brown

Dark brown color can create a "muddy" effect that will make the skin pale and dull, giving the appearance of fatigue and age. It is recommended to wear dark brown as an accent color to avoid these visual effects.


Yellow can make the face look pale and drained, giving it an aged look. Therefore, it is advisable to use yellow in moderation or as accessories to avoid this aging effect.


Orange can highlight uneven skin tone. Choose softer peachy tones, instead of bright orange.

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