Top 5 myths about using air conditioning: What you should know

Maryna Gramovych

Top 5 myths about using air conditioning: What you should know

Find out the truth about common myths about air conditioners and get an idea of how to optimize their use to increase efficiency. UAportal has prepared practical advice on this.

Energy efficiency

Many people believe that leaving the air conditioner running all day is more energy efficient than turning it on and off. However, this is a common myth, as the constant operation of the air conditioner consumes more energy than turning it off.

The size of the air conditioner

Another common misconception is that the larger the air conditioner, the better it cools the room. In fact, a device that is too large can lead to poor humidity control and uneven temperatures.

Fan and air conditioner operation

In addition, there is a common belief that fans are effective in cooling a room even when the air conditioner is on. Unfortunately, this is not true, as fans simply move air, not lower the temperature.

The temperature for cooling

Another common myth has to do with how low the temperature should be for fast cooling. Many people believe that if you set the air conditioner to a very low temperature, the room will cool down faster. However, the air conditioner will only work harder, not cool the room faster.

Service only when it breaks down

There is a common misconception that air conditioners need maintenance only when a problem occurs. This is a myth, as regular maintenance is essential for the efficient and long-lasting operation of your air conditioner.

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