Top 5 cities in Ukraine worth visiting in winter

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Top 5 cities in Ukraine worth visiting in winter

Ukraine has many charming historic cities with breathtaking natural landscapes. UAportal has prepared the top 5 cities that everyone should visit.

Lviv is the cultural pearl of Ukraine

Lviv, located in western Ukraine, reflects the essence of the country's rich culture and history. Its architectural masterpieces, such as the UNESCO-listed old town, Lviv Opera House, and Latin Cathedral, will take you back in time. The vibrant coffee culture and delicious Ukrainian cuisine make Lviv a true gourmet's paradise.

Kyiv is a multinational capital

Visit the capital of Ukraine, where the old meets the new in perfect harmony. Admire the golden domes of numerous Orthodox churches, including the beautiful St. Sophia Cathedral. Don't miss the vibrant nightlife, modern shopping centers and thriving art and music scene that make Kyiv a truly interesting and dynamic city.

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Odesa is the pearl of the Black Sea

Immerse yourself in the charming flavor of Odesa, known as the "Pearl of the Black Sea". Enjoy the stunning neoclassical architecture of the city, exemplified by the legendary Potemkin Stairs leading to the majestic port.

Kharkiv is a student city

Kharkiv, the educational and cultural center of Ukraine, is surrounded by parks. Visit a picturesque corner for nature lovers and explore the city's impressive architecture. Kharkiv is home to numerous universities and research institutes, fostering an active student community that adds undeniable energy to the city.

Carpathians is a natural beauty at its best

Embark on a journey through the unique beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. The majestic peaks, picturesque valleys and shimmering lakes offer breathtaking views. Travel along the picturesque trails and observe the harmony of nature at its best while immersing yourself in traditional Ukrainian culture.

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