Country of origin unknown: five facts about French fries

Maryna Gramovych

French fries as the most popular potato dish in the world

French fries are one of the most favorite and widespread dishes in the world. UAportal has prepared five facts about this famous dish that are worth knowing.

The origin of French fries

Despite its wide popularity, the exact origin of French fries remains a mystery. French chefs claim to be the first, claiming that they mastered this technique many centuries ago. However, Belgian culinary experts claim that the dish actually originated in Belgium.

High calorie content

French fries are not only known for their great taste, they are also known for their high calorie content. Experts suggest that consuming just one serving of this delicious dish can be equivalent to a regular dinner, potentially contributing to weight gain and obesity.

Eating during pregnancy

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to stay away from French fries due to the presence of carcinogens. These harmful substances can have a negative impact on the development of the child, so it is important to be careful and choose healthier options.

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Secrets of taste

Many people have noticed that French fries in fast food restaurants taste much better than at home. This difference can be explained by the fact that fast food restaurants use meat-flavored flavors and other chemical additives in the process of cooking them.

Potatoes for fast food

Approximately one tenth of the world's potato crop is grown specifically for French fries. What's more, only selected varieties are considered suitable for creating the perfect French fries. Large, flawless tubers are carefully selected to ensure the desired quality and texture that have made this dish a global sensation.

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