Five things you shouldn't take out of the house

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Five things you shouldn't take out of the house

To maintain a positive state of mind and protect your well-being, it is important to be cautious about certain items you take out of your home. Our homes retain energy, and parting with certain things can lead to negative consequences. UAportal will tell you about five things you should not give.

  • Personal hygiene items

Items in direct contact with your head or hair, such as hair dryers, rubber bands, hats or hair brushes, should not be given. According to experts, such items can carry your energy and inadvertently influence your luck, financial well-being and overall health.

  • Underwear

Even if it is new, underwear should not be given away. This is to ward off your fate and good fortune. It is believed that underwear has a unique energetic connection with the wearer and parting with it can disrupt it.

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  • Mirror

It is recommended to never remove or donate mirrors from the house, including those attached to cabinets. Mirrors are believed to hold energy and serve as a symbolic reflection of a person's life. Disposing of mirrors can upset the energy balance in your living space.

  • Bedding and linens

Pillows, blankets and bedding are believed to store and retain a person's positive energy over a long period of time. The strong connection between these items and the wearer can have a lasting impact. To avoid potential future harm, it is best not to give away or dispose of these items.

  • Unused utensils

Surprisingly, utensils that you no longer use can also carry an energetic imprint. Therefore, it is better not to gift or pass on such items. By keeping these utensils with you, you will avoid any potential negative influences that may arise from unintended recipients.

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