Five little-known facts about Michael Jackson

Maryna Gramovych

Five little-known facts about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, widely recognized as one of the greatest singers of all time, captivated the world with his music. However, there are a few little-known facts that make his life even more intriguing. UAportal has gathered 5 unusual facts about Michael Jackson that are sure to surprise.

Forced musical upbringing

Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, forced his son and his siblings to study music diligently during his upbringing. However, Joe's approach was often strict, resorting to physical discipline for any mistakes made in lessons.

Such upbringing, which aimed to keep the children away from negative influences, resulted in them being deprived of a normal social life. The pressure to achieve musical success under such circumstances placed a tremendous psychological strain on Michael.

The amusement park residence

Michael Jackson turned his ranch, known as Neverland, into a unique combination of home and fairgrounds. Along with a zoo, roller coaster, railroads, bumper cars, a Ferris wheel and a carousel.

Gifted elephant

Elizabeth Taylor gave Michael Jackson a great gift - an Asian elephant. This generous gesture was a thank you for Jackson allowing Taylor to host her wedding at his ranch. This large animal, named Gypsy, weighed approximately 2,268 pounds.

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Michael Jackson Burn Center

In 1984, during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, tragedy struck: a fire caused by pyrotechnics engulfed Jackson's hair, resulting in second-stage burns on his scalp. To hide the scars, he underwent rhinoplasty surgery. In exchange for a pre-trial settlement of the matter, Pepsi paid Jackson some compensation.

In gratitude to the California medical center that treated his burns, Jackson donated a substantial sum of $1.5 million. In honor of his generosity, the Brotman Medical Center was renamed the Michael Jackson Burn Center.

Change of skin color

One of the most controversial aspects of Jackson's appearance was the dramatic change in his skin color. Although his doctor claimed it was due to vitiligo, a skin disease that causes pigmentation disorders, many theories and speculation surround the issue.

After his death, an autopsy confirmed the diagnosis of vitiligo. Jackson also struggled with mental health issues, including body dysmorphia, which likely affected his transformation.

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