Being two-faced is their second nature: the most insincere zodiac signs are named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Being two-faced is their second nature: the most insincere zodiac signs are named

According to astrology, some zodiac signs are more prone to insincerity than others, and their fake behavior can easily mislead. Who hides their true feelings and doesn't always tell the truth? Here's a list of potentially insincere zodiac signs.


Gemini tops the list of the least honest zodiac signs. First of all, they owe this to their dual nature. The natives of the sign have two personalities and it happens that they hide the true motives behind their behavior. This makes them often forget about their moral principles and values and pretend to be what they are not. Sometimes they use their intelligence and communication skills to manipulate those around them.


Scorpios are the most mysterious and mistrustful individuals among all zodiac signs. They are excellent observers and tend to imitate those around them. Natives of the sign often criticize others behind their backs, and when something bad happens, they immediately try to get away from the blame, even if a lot is on their conscience. They are also ready to defend themselves when someone reveals their true intentions. You never know when Scorpios put a mask on and when they show their real face. They can manipulate people and try to control situations at all costs to protect their well-being.


Sagittarians are considered as  the most analytical, logical and reasonable among the zodiac signs. When someone inspires them, they start acting like that person. They usually do this to impress someone they care about. Sometimes they pretend to be smarter than they really are It can also happen that they confidently say one thing and do quite another.


People who were born under this sign are sometimes perceived as icy and unfeeling. It is influenced by their independent way of thinking and the emotional distance which they like to maintain. Aquarians often wear a mask to avoid exposing their problems or admitting their weaknesses. They also tend to tell the first person one thing and the second person something completely different on the same topic.

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