Items to put in your wallet to attract wealth

Maryna Gramovych

What to carry in your wallet to attract money

Sometimes attracting money can seem like a difficult thing to do, despite your best efforts. However, there are simple techniques that can be used to increase your financial luck. The following tips, collected by UAportal, will help you use the power of everyday objects to attract money effortlessly.

One of the fascinating methods is to carry certain objects in your wallet, creating a harmonious energy that corresponds to financial abundance. Here is a list of seven magical items to put in your wallet:

Antique, rare, or collectible coins: Consider carrying a coin with historical significance or a coin from another country.

A bill with a unique serial number: A banknote with a clear serial number or a note from your first paycheck or a significant win can have a positive impact.

Legume seed: According to ancient beliefs, legumes have a strong energy that attracts wealth.

Yeast: Put a small sachet of yeast in the accessory compartment of your wallet. It is believed to help increase wealth.

Chinese coins: Make a pile of three or six Chinese coins and tie them together with a black string. Keep this auspicious talisman in your wallet.

Cinnamon or mint stick: The scent of cinnamon or mint is known to attract financial flows.

A piece of red cloth: The color red is associated with attracting material possessions and money. Consider putting a piece of red cloth in your wallet.

Remember that the effectiveness of these objects is enhanced by the belief in their power, which speeds up the achievement of the desired result.

While giving your wallet more power, it is equally important to get rid of items that can hinder financial prosperity. Psychics and those who know about energy flow strongly advise against putting the following in your wallet:

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Photos of relatives and friends: Attention switched to other people through photos can divert money energy.

Receipts from stores: The presence of these receipts signifies a sense of stinginess or excessive control, potentially blocking the flow of money.

Business cards, tickets, candy wrappers: In universal energies, these items are considered clutter and can impede the flow of money. 

Documents and driver's license: To maintain energy balance, it is recommended to keep these items in a separate wallet.

In general, it is vital to keep your wallet organized by refraining from collecting torn bills or unnecessary debris. You should regularly clean your wallet, replace worn-out currency with fresh bills, and respect this source of financial well-being.  

As a reminder, we told you that some items can attract good luck and prosperity.

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