Why pour liquid soap down the toilet

Maryna Gramovych

Why pour liquid soap down the toilet

Plumbing clogs are a recurring problem in many households, often caused by mineral deposits from hard water and urea and sediment buildup in the pipes. Faced with a clog, homeowners usually have two options: spend money on professional plumbers or find an effective solution that can be done by themselves.

UAportal talks about two proven methods that contribute to the successful removal of toilet blockages when there is no plunger.

1. Liquid soap

Liquid soap can be a lifesaver in cleaning the toilet. Here's an easy way to use liquid soap.

- Pour about half a cup of liquid soap directly into the toilet bowl.

- Leave the soap in the toilet for about 10 minutes.

- Then pour in one liter of hot water and wait patiently for 25 minutes.

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During this waiting period, the soapy water gradually does its job by removing the blockage. After the time has elapsed, simply flush the toilet, making sure all contents are effectively removed. For more stubborn clogs, this process can be repeated.

2. Baking soda and vinegar

Another effective method is to use baking soda and vinegar

- Pour half a packet of baking soda down the toilet.

- After that, add a glass of vinegar.

- Allow the chemical reaction to take place before pouring in warm water.

This simple combination effectively removes heavy clogs without the use of plungers or expensive store-bought chemical cleaners.

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