Why it is important to keep a sleep schedule: interesting facts

Vladyslav Moskalenko


Sleep is not only a pleasant feeling of relaxation, but also an extremely important process for health and well-being. Scientific research confirms that regular and quality sleep has a huge impact on a person's physical, mental and emotional well-being. UAportal tells you about five key facts about sleep that emphasize the importance of following a proper sleep schedule for good health and optimal body functioning.

The importance of quality sleep

The importance of quality sleep is often underestimated, although it has a significant impact on our overall health. During sleep, important processes occur in our body that restore various physical functions. In addition, quality sleep plays an important role in cognitive function, memory consolidation, emotional regulation and the proper functioning of our immune system.

Importance of sleep duration

Getting enough sleep is crucial for optimal physical and mental health. Contrary to popular belief, a few hours of sleep is not enough for full functioning. Adults typically require 7-9 hours of sleep per night to sufficiently restore the body, maintain cognitive acuity, and maintain emotional well-being.

Sleep Quality

Sleep duration alone is not enough to truly rejuvenate and restore energy. Quality sleep includes not only the recommended number of hours in bed, but also the depth and effectiveness of sleep. It is possible to sleep the recommended amount of time but wake up tired and exhausted due to poor sleep quality.

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Role of circadian rhythm

The circadian rhythm determines our natural sleep patterns and regulates periods of wakefulness and sleepiness. Maintaining a consistent circadian rhythm is essential to getting adequate rest and alertness at appropriate times.

Stages of sleep

Delving deeper into the area of dreams and stages of sleep, it is interesting to note that sleep is not a uniformly continuous state. Instead, it consists of different stages, including REM sleep and non-REM sleep.

REM sleep, characterized by vivid dreams, plays an important role in memory consolidation and emotional processing. Along with the REM sleep phase, the slow-wave sleep phase includes various stages that promote physical recovery and growth.

Recall, we have already told you that sometimes it can be difficult to fall asleep due to worries and problems in personal or professional life, so people are tired and unproductive in the morning. We have prepared some practical tips that will help to cope with this problem.

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