Why can a bird peck at the window: what does the omen mean

Maryna Gramovych

What could a bird be tapping on the window for

UAportal reports that windows have long been considered mystical portals that evoke a sense of fear and trepidation. In particular, knocking on a window is considered quite ominous. However, it is important not to immediately give in to fear and panic, as there may be a plausible explanation for this phenomenon.

Sometimes a bird can simply be curious about its surroundings and inadvertently knock on the glass.

For example, a pigeon sitting on a windowsill may peck at a window out of a desire to get to know its surroundings better. In addition, the bird may be attracted to a fly or any other insect that might have caught its attention on the window pane.

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The arrival of important news

However, superstitious people often attach importance to signs and omens. According to their beliefs, when a bird knocks on the window, it means that important news is coming. The interpretation of this sign can vary depending on the type of bird.

A positive sign

If a bluebird knocks consistently and persistently on the window, it is perceived as a positive sign, indicating the onset of a favorable stage in life characterized by boundless joy. Similarly, if a swallow flies into the window, it symbolizes an imminent addition to the family and serves as a harbinger of happiness.

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