Why you can not drink tea with a spoon in a cup: folk lore

Maryna Gramovych

Tea-related omens

Tea, the favorite drink of many, has many folk beliefs and omens associated with its use. UAportal tells how to drink tea correctly according to the prejudices.

In everyday tea drinking habits lies the potential for misfortune and trouble. One folk belief suggests that drinking tea from a cracked cup is a way to bring bad luck to your home. Conversely, it is advised to abandon the habit of sipping tea with a spoon in the cup, as this can hinder the prospects of great financial success. This association with misfortune also extends to getting debts due to this tea drinking practice.

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In addition, there are certain taboos of tea etiquette. One should never finish from someone else's cup, as it is believed that any problems or troubles that the owner of the cup is experiencing will be passed on to the unsuspecting guest. On the other hand, if you accidentally spill a little bit of tea on yourself, it is considered a good omen, indicating that there is good news ahead at work.

But these beliefs about tea go beyond simple utensils and spilled tea. It is believed that accidentally choking on tea in the morning means that you will receive good news the same day. Burning the tongue from excessively hot tea heralds upcoming incredible changes in life. Diluting black tea with cold water is associated with an inevitable quarrel with someone, and diluting green tea with cold water predicts possible failures in personal and professional life.

Even the very process of sweetening tea has its own prejudices. If you mistakenly put salt instead of sugar in the tea, this mishap portends the approaching pleasant news. If the tea accidentally spilled, prepare for the inevitable losses or trouble in the house.

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