Giving up plastic bags in stores: what are the alternatives

Vladyslav Moskalenko

What can replace plastic bags with

UAportal tells you how to replace the bags we encounter in stores. It's time to consider more environmentally friendly and cost-effective options.


One of the best alternatives to plastic bags is small eco-bags made of mesh fabric. Not only do they offer significant cost savings but they are also reusable. Thanks to their durable composition, they don't tear and are easy to wash, making them an ideal option for replacing disposable bags.

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Kraft bags

They are becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for plastic bags. Although some of them do not have handles and need to be held with two hands. It's important to note that most supermarkets don't sell kraft bags, except in the culinary department, so it's advisable to buy them in advance.

Cling film

Cling film is an additional alternative to packaging materials. In particular, it is an excellent substitute for bags when buying meat. In addition, cling film is usually more favorably priced than bags and has a longer service life.

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