Update for Vision Pro: What is known and when will it be available

Maryna Gramovych

Update for Vision Pro: What is known and when will it be available
Update for Vision Pro. Source: gagadget.com

Apple has recently released visionOS 1.0.1 update in preparation for the imminent release of the Vision Pro helmet. UAportal tells what has changed in the mixed reality headset.

What is known

The latest firmware version, dubbed visionOS 1.0.1, contains interesting software improvements, although Apple has not yet disclosed specific details.

The visionOS 1.0.1 update, with build number 21N311, is expected to be a minor release that focuses on bug fixes and software optimization.

Apple is committed to providing a seamless experience for Vision Pro users, so this update will be available for download right out of the box. The upcoming launch of the Vision Pro helmet, accompanied by the visionOS 1.0.1 update, demonstrates Apple's commitment to providing the most advanced technology and promptly addressing any issues related to it.

Users can expect improved performance and enhanced functionality after installing the visionOS 1.0.1 update on their devices.

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