The young moon in Scorpio brings significant changes: why November 13th can turn your life around

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The young moon in Scorpio brings significant changes: why November 13th can turn your life around

According to astrologers, the New Moon in Scorpio is the gateway to spiritual transformation. The reason is that this zodiac sign is focused on deep feelings and rejects trivialities on the way to its goal. November 13 will make many people want to get to the bottom of the truth and get rid of toxic relationships.

This phase of the lunar cycle will be conducive to new beginnings. Scorpio will show the way to the realization of your dreams, as it is a water sign associated with intuition, passion, emotions, and desires. It symbolizes transformation, the need to let go of what holds us back, and supports strategic action and perseverance.

In modern astrology, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation. In traditional astrology, it is ruled by Mars, the powerful god of war. The November new moon will increase tension - under the influence of these energies, we may want to cut ties with things that are toxic to us. This applies to people, situations, and even our own bad habits.

The New Moon is born under a veil of darkness. The new moon in Scorpio is the darkest phenomenon of the year, revealing all the secrets. This is a chance to sow new seeds of intentions that will germinate into the future of our dreams.

When the Moon is reborn in the sky on November 13, 2023, dive into your emotions and ask yourself what you want. Scorpio will show you what you need to give up to make room for new experiences. Repressed emotions will come to the surface to introduce you to your true self.

What other topics will this new moon touch upon? Everything will revolve around secrets in relationships, unspoken words, repressed emotions, spending money, self-discipline, and issues related to illness or death. It will force us to turn our weaknesses into strengths and prepare us for a great transformation. A new moon is always an end and a beginning. We say goodbye to old themes and welcome new ones. We start a new cycle without looking back.

New Moon in Scorpio - what to do now?

Don't be afraid of the darkness and depths of Scorpio. The new moon in his sign will increase your motivation to achieve your goals. Now plan your next steps. Face your fears and limitations.

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