Non-traditional uses for mustard: what you'll need it for

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Non-traditional uses for mustard

Adding spicy mustard to dishes is a well-known culinary practice, especially when combined with various meat dishes. However, the versatility of this spice goes beyond the kitchen, giving great utility in the home. UAportal will tell you how to use mustard in unconventional ways.

  • Washing dishes

Housewives often refuse household chemicals, using mustard to wash dishes. The properties of mustard help to easily clean dirt.

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  • Helps to improve the condition of hair

Using the cleansing properties, mustard can replace the usual shampoo. Mix 2-3 spoons of mustard powder with water to a mashed consistency and rub it into the roots of your hair. It is believed that this unconventional mustard shampoo can accelerate hair growth.

  • Washing clothes

Not all stains can be easily taken out with the help of a washing machine. However, mustard can deal with it. Pre-soak the soiled clothes in water with mustard for just 20 minutes, this will help to get the stains out. After that, wash things in the washing machine in the usual way.

  • Warming properties

While many people are aware of the warming properties of mustard, which is commonly used to combat cold symptoms, a lesser known application is soothing foot baths. Just 20 minutes of relaxation can provide some much needed respite. Don't forget to wear wool socks afterward for extra warmth.

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