Zodiac signs with trust problems are named: they are very private

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Zodiac signs with trust problems are named: they are very private

Some people are very distrustful and look for a trick in everything. They can have big problems in interpersonal relationships. According to astrologers, this is partly due to their zodiac sign. It is especially difficult to build strong and deep relationships for Aries, Gemini, and Virgo.


Aries are naturally suspicious and distrustful. They see conspiracies everywhere and view people as potential enemies until they prove otherwise. Aries are very demanding and set a high standard for candidates for friends and partners. They see signs of betrayal even in innocent behavior. They also have a tendency to control others, which is the result of a lack of trust.


Geminis seem to be extremely open and trusting. In reality, they are just carefree and do not think about the consequences. However, this does not mean that they believe in people and their pure intentions. In fact, natives of the sign believe that they can only rely on themselves. They are loners at heart, although they are very sociable and surround themselves with people. However, they do not get attached to others, and their relationships are either superficial or very short-lived. They love risk, so they enter new relationships without fear. However, they always have the deep-down thought that someone might disappoint them.


Virgos are perfectionists who believe that they do everything better than anyone else. They have no confidence in the competence of others. Natives of this sign also do not fully believe in the good intentions of others. Virgos are goal-oriented people who analyze a lot, like to plan and take actions that have the best chance of success. In relationships, they are very cautious, aloof, and cold. They need a lot of time to open up a little.

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