Zodiac signs most prone to lying are named: they can deceive anyone

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Zodiac signs most prone to lying are named: they can deceive anyone

Honesty is an important component of a harmonious relationship, but some zodiac signs are particularly prone to lying. They can get away with it, but they won't give up the habit of embellishing reality. According to astrologers, these are Gemini, Libra, Cancer, and Scorpio.


Geminis often lie as their patron saint Mercury makes the natives of this sign prone to duplicity. They have a boundless imagination, so they can make up a fairy tale on the spot and present it as the truth without batting an eye. In addition, they are extremely smart and always know how to get out of trouble. Although Geminis lie for fun, they make sure that their lies do not harm anyone.


Libras are considered the kings of lies to save their own skin. Their rich vocabulary and imagination make this risky task easier. They do it not for fun but out of fear of trouble and possible consequences. Natives of this sign can lie with complete confidence, looking the other person straight in the eye. Libras are also very attractive, so it's hard to recognize when they start lying


The list of the most deceitful zodiac signs includes Cancer. Since they are under the patronage of the Moon, they have a lot of emotions that need to find an outlet. Sometimes this happens in the form of telling fictional stories that attract the attention of others. The natives of the sign do this to impress someone or provoke an interesting conversation, but not to offend or cause anxiety. They often portray themselves as heroes or victims, becoming the center of the story.


Scorpios will always talk about what someone wants to hear or what will benefit them. They ruthlessly change sides like flags, choosing what is more profitable. Natives of the sign can also write fairy tales to attract attention. The more interesting the story that others believe in, the greater their pleasure. It also happens that they lie to turn the situation in their favor. They are extremely convincing liars. Unfortunately, sometimes their lies hurt people deeply.

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