Zodiac signs that are most often involved in toxic relationships have been named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Zodiac signs that are most often involved in toxic relationships have been named

Some people get into toxic relationships that lack love and try their best to keep them alive. They are afraid to be alone and don't want to let anyone down. Where does their weakness come from? Are they driven by fear? Astrologers say that everything has to do with the zodiac sign.


Libras love to be in relationships as love balances them out. As a couple, they can endure more troubles than the average person. Unfortunately, this is why they find themselves in toxic situations.

Natives of the sign prefer to put up with all the actions of the other half, whom they are dependent on. They lose the desire to do anything on their own. Libra emotionally disconnects and waits for fate to magically solve the problem.


Love and family are the most important things in Cancer's life. This zodiac sign does not intend to jeopardize the happiness of their children. It seeks to find the good in people and their relationships and needs a stable family life. Cancer wants everyone to be happy and for peace to always reign in the home. However, they fall into a trap, giving up their happiness and desires for the sake of others.


Virgos are constantly trying to fix their partner and improve their relationship even if it has long been over. Natives of the sign will analyze every conflict and go to couples therapy with their partner, doing everything possible to bring back the spark that once burned. Changes are overwhelming to the natives of this sign, so they will put up with toxic relationships to be a couple.


Pisces are extremely empathetic. They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially when it comes to their significant other. They ignore the fact that there is no passion in the relationship. Pisces will redirect their love to external projects, such as art.

Natives of the sign prefer to have their heads in the clouds and save their energy for things that bring them pleasure. They are happiest in the world of imagination. Pisces will idealize their partnership, looking at it through pink glasses. They try to keep a good mood at all costs even if they are immersed in toxic relationships.

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