The three zodiac signs that have no sense of proportion: they want the most of everything

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The three zodiac signs that have no sense of proportion: they want the most of everything
It's hard for them to stop.

Some people have no sense of proportion and will do anything to fulfill their whims. They believe that they should pamper themselves all the time because life is too short. According to astrologers, these are Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio.


Gemini love technological innovations and buy various gadgets whenever they have the opportunity. Even when they don't need them for anything. The natives of this sign tell their family that it's for their own good, so that they have less work and an easier life. However, the truth is that they want to give themselves pleasure.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of fashion, they spend a lot of money and sometimes borrow from their family. Gemini simply cannot stand the thought that others are doing better than they are, and they look with envy at people who can afford everything. Fortunately, this desire to stand out from the crowd has a favorable effect on Gemini and motivates them to earn more and more money.


Virgo is a true gourmet who loves to discover new dishes and desserts. She likes to cook at home, but she also enjoys going out to eat. In both cases, she can spend a lot of money on her taste buds. Virgos often prefer to eat less, but with high quality. Their excellent culinary taste is highly appreciated by family and friends.

Virgos are often asked for advice and even to cook for special occasions. She never says "no" because cooking is one of her favorite things to do.


Scorpio loves to be admired and believes that there are never too many compliments. That's why he always behaves in such a way as to be the center of attention. Only when he feels like a star will he be able to fully spread his wings.

Unfortunately, he cannot tolerate criticism. At such moments, Scorpio can take offense at the whole world and wait for an apology. However, he is not angry for long, because the desire to see himself through the eyes of loved ones always prevails.

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