The three zodiac signs with the most complexes are named: they are never satisfied with themselves

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The three zodiac signs with the most complexes are named: they are never satisfied with themselves

Some people seem  to be self-confident, but they  actually hide a  low self-esteem. Because of the critical approach to themselves, they can't live their , lives fully cause they are never satisfied with themselves. According to astrologers, this is due to the zodiac sign. Cancer, Libra and Pisces have the biggest amount of  complexes.


Cancer usually does not complain about fate, in every possible way hiding dissatisfaction with themselves. This is a zodiac sign that is extremely sensitive to other people's opinions and remembers negative words about themselves for the rest of their lives. Cancer has complexes not only about their appearance, but also about their achievements and capabilities. It is enough to touch a sensitive topic in conversation - and they will react with offense.


Libras are usually gentle, calm and cheerful people, but deep down they are very insecure. The natives of the sign do not believe in their advantages, talents and influence. Almost every little setback stops them. Their insecurity and anxiety prevent them from fighting for their happiness. If they give up, they may find themselves in difficult situations.


Pisces is the zodiac sign that has the most complexes. Their innate sensitivity leads to the fact that the slightest negative comment becomes a life problem. Complexes deprive Pisces of joy and spontaneity. Because of them, they constantly belittle their successes and achievements. They are almost never satisfied with themselves, which affects their social, love and professional life.

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Also among all the natives of the zodiac circle there are two with a tough character - they easily accept challenges and achieve what others can only dream of.